Owner Carrie Surrette, the Heartwood Halifax NS

Owner Carrie Surrette

Heartwood offers food that is prepared with a deeper meaning of the word “Natural”. This word is placed in front of many items today from cleaners, hair colors, body care and fragrance but if you look deeper into the true sense of the word it has lost much of its meaning. Our “Natural” food is prepared and served as close to its whole, unadulterated state as possible. Heartwood prepares food using unprocessed whole grains , fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, unrefined oils and sweeteners, and of course, whole grain flours in our famous Sourdough breads.

The best part is not only the food tastes better in its natural “healthier” state, it actually make you feel “healthier” so you finish eating feeling nourished and peaceful. We lovingly offer the highest quality ingredients available, selecting ingredients that are local and organically grown whenever we can. Our menu is predominantly vegan, wheat and gluten-free. Heartwood is proud to offer something extraordinarily delicious for everyone!